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4" Case Traction Engine

They don’t come much bigger than this! Based on the 65HP case this impressive engine is the longest and widest 4” engine we have had in. A generally well-made and nicely presented engine Cases are rarely modelled in the UK and as such it is bound to generate much interest wherever it goes.

Driving is a somewhat different experience to UK engines mainly due to the clutch to engage drive to the wheels. It is a system you quickly get used to and works very well for pulling away smoothly. Like the full size engine it is single speed and although not very fast will pull pretty much anything you want to put behind it. This is not really an engine for the road but great for rallyfields, with the wide back wheels you can guarantee on a wet and muddy day you will be the only thing still moving.

The boiler was built in 2006 by John Rex Model Engineers (who also supply the castings) however the engine was not completed until recent years and it looks to have had minimal use since. The water feed is through a crank driven pump which is piped through the working water pre-heater (the large green tube on the side of the boiler) and a large hand pump discreetly hidden inside the back wheel. The firebox is huge and the engine is free-steaming and easy to manage.

Length: 2100mm
Height: 1100mm
Width: 820mm
Weight: 500 kg (approx.)

The engine comes ready to rally with a set of firing irons, coal, oil and a days tuition if required. Part exchange of all steam and vintage vehicles considered, delivery and export can also be arranged.``

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