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3" Marshall Traction Engine

We are pleased to offer for sale this very well built Marshall “Pride of the Road” the engine was built a number of years ago but was never steamed until we purchased it. As such mechanically she is in as-new condition and runs very well indeed.

This is the first 3” Marshall we have had in and I must admit I am impressed, they come out a large and powerful machine more than capable of a day's work running around the rallyfield. The engine was built by an experienced engineer as such the workmanship is to a very high standard. She was built for the pleasure of building as such everything has been done to the builders best ability rather than rushed to get steaming as soon as possible, details such as the dummy throat plate which includes a wash-out door are often omitted on other models.

The copper boiler was made by Cheddar Models (one of the best in the business) and has only been steamed on a handful of occasions for testing purposes. It is water fed by a crankshaft driven pump and steam injector. Being slightly larger than the more common 3” Burrell she is an easier engine to steam and manage and is that bit more forgiving due to the extra boiler capacity.

The engine was on display in the builders workshop for a number of years, unfortunately one side has some paint overspray from another project speckled on it. We have tried to remove it but ideally the boiler tins will need rubbing down and repainting to remove it properly as such we have priced the engine to allow for a full professional repaint which will be around £1000-1500 if desired.

The engine comes ready to rally with a driving trolley, firing irons, coal, oil and tuition included. As always we are happy to consider part exchange of all steam and vintage vehicles. A full set of drawings and build diary is also included.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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