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3" Burrell Plastows Burrell

We are pleased to offer for sale this nicely built 3" Burrell Traction Engine and riding trolley, built to the popular and well regarded Plastow design these little engines are great way into the hobby with it being small enough to transport in the back of a family car yet large enough to be used on the rally field.

The engine does not come with any history but as we understand it has spent many years on display in the previous owners living room but before then had been steamed and enjoyed. Build quality throughout is to a good standard as is the finish on the paintwork, a bit of lining would finish this engine off really well.

The copper boiler is well made and is water fed by a crankshaft driven pump and steam injector. The engine steams freely and seems to have plenty of power, generally these engines can haul a couple of adults on the rally field.

Unfortunately the previous paperwork for the engine has been lost but being a copper boiler there should be no issues for a model club or commercial inspector to certify it for future use. At the moment we are very busy in the workshop so offering the engine as is and a nice little winter project for someone to prepare for next years rally season but we have pumped the boiler up on hydraulic to confirm its all sound and have no causes for concern and happy to warranty it as such.

Jobs that need doing:
- Sort the steam injector
- Re-pack glands
- Re-bush the little end (we have seen a lot worse on engines so could be left for a season)
- Re-set safety valves
- Re-pack water pump

Overall a lovely little engine which wants a few evenings fettling rather than any major work. Alternatively we are happy to sell the engine fully ticketed (by an independent inspector) ready to rally with the above works mentioned completed for £8500.

As always we are happy to consider all steam and vintage vehicles part exchange. Viewing is welcome at our premises in Suffolk or we can arrange delivery via our pallet courier for £150.00 to UK mainland or further-a-field if required.

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