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2" Fowler Road Loco Project

We are pleased to offer for sale this nicely made 2” Fowler Road Locomotive, it is around 99% complete requiring final fettling and motion covers to finish off. Built using the Plastows drawings and castings its an uncommon engine as most are finished in Showmans guise.

The work of a self-taught model engineer working in his spare room the engine was his first foray into road steam. Although some areas may lack the finesse that more years’ experience brings overall, he looks to have done a nice job generally and ended up with a well running little engine.

We will assume the copper boiler is home-built as we as we haven’t seen any makers marks but from what we can see it looks a tidy job, testing at the model engineering club should be no issue. When run on compressed air we didn’t see any untoward leaks or causes of concern from it.

Overall a nice little winter project for someone to finish off to their liking and enjoy in the new year.

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