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Freelance Steam Wagon



L.V. Brokering

Suffolk, UK


Hydraulic Exp:

Steam Test Exp:

Year Built:

As it was famously said "and now for something completely different" and this freelance wagon is certainly that. An interesting project which started life as an impressive and unusual 4 cylinder piston valve engine and CE marked boiler.

I think it would be fair to say the end result of this project has fallen somewhat short of its builders initial expectations and as it stands does not do justice for the ingenuity and hours put into building it. First thing to note for anyone wanting to complete the project is the boiler cannot keep up with the demands of the engine so for any practical use the boiler will need replacing for a larger unit or the engine for something smaller and less greedy on steam. Another point is that welding was not the builders strong point, although welding is effective its not pretty in places.

So that's the bad bits addressed moving onto the good stuff. The impressive engine is a powerful and interesting lump being a horizontal opposing 4 cylinder lump, with a larger boiler it would produce buckets of power and revs freely with it being quite well balanced. For someone looking to make a steam speed boat or power a large more sedate vessel this would certainly be an option to consider and included in the sale is a full set of patterns for the cast parts of the engine.

The boiler itself was originally designed for a 6" Yorkshire wagon, built by holt boilers it is CE marked and runs at 180psi. Since being installed it has seen very little use and we are happy to have it hydraulic and steam tested by an independent inspector before sale. Fitted are Klinger style water gauges and water feed is through an injector and crank driven pump.

Viewing is welcome at our premises in Suffolk and as always we are happy to consider all steam and vintage vehicles part exchange. For a quick sale the owner would be open to a sensible offer.


Important Note: We recommend when purchasing any steam vehicle to employ the services of your own boiler inspector for independent advice and not solely rely on previous test reports.

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