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Aveling and Porter Steam Tractor



L.V Brokering

Suffolk, UK


Hydraulic Exp:

Steam Test Exp:


April 2024

Year Built:


On behalf of the owners we are pleased to offer for sale this impressive Aveling and Porter KND Steam Tractor “Whippet”, a handsome engine she is known for being a strong performer on the road and being one of the larger of Aveling's Steam Tractor offerings makes for a powerful engine which can be comfortably crewed by two.

Works No. 9179 was part of a batch of 4 Aveling Tractors ordered by Herefordshire County Council that were delivered new in 1920, of the 4 fortunately 3 have survived into preservation. For a short period the engine was converted to a steam roller (hence the back wheels) but found to be “quite useless” for this purpose and was soon put back to a tractor. The engine spent its full working life with the council before being sold into preservation in1955, it stayed in Herefordshire for a number of years before being sold in 1970 to Les Lamb of Bromsgrove who started converting the engine to Showmans Spec, the engine passed through a number of owners and rallied as a showmans until being sold in 2008 to the current owners who in a matter of days to re-verted her back to her original tractor form.

In its current ownership the engine has undergone extensive mechanical works including but not limited to:
- New front axle spring made for fitted
- New front tyres fitted in 2020
- Belly tanks rebuilt
- Rebuilt safety valves
- Pump and injector clacks rebuilt and new valves made
- Rear suspension overhauled with new eye bolts
- New smoke box door
- New regulator rod
- Full motion overhaul
- New gears fitted including pump drive gear
- New fire bars cast and fitted (spares included)
- Re-tubed in 2019.

We have the pleasure of having the engine at our premises and after a road-run around the villages can report she is an excellent engine with plenty of power which effortless clocks up the miles, these “long rod” Avelings are known for their turn of speed and although she is a 2 speed engine will keep up with most 3 speed offerings from other manufacturers.

Boiler wise the engine has a “Colonial Type” firebox which means it is longer than standard (from memory they have an extra row of stays) in practical terms this means she is an easy engine to steam with a large grate area and should the need arise could happily be fired on wood. The boiler is reported to be in sound condition however a couple of areas of wastage are noted on the boiler report and is suggested remedial works may be required come the next hydraulic test.

Before next rally season we would suggest some winter work is required, the main job being the canopy which is looking tired in places and realistically will require replacement. The rear tyres are also showing signs of age with one section in particular beginning to come away, before extensive road use this will need to be sorted however should be a relatively easy fix with replacement sections available.

Aveling Tractors have always been desirable and I think it would be fair to say the KND is the best of the bunch, we may be biased (having Aveling rollers) but genuinely can’t think of a better engine for road and rally use nowadays with it being a practical size for use and also transport and being economical on coal….and wood if required.

For more information or to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to contact us, where possible we would be pleased to help with part exchanges of all steam and vintage vehicles. Finance can also be arranged through our specialist broker if required.


Important Note: We recommend when purchasing any steam vehicle to employ the services of your own boiler inspector for independent advice and not solely rely on previous test reports.

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