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Year Built: 2014
Steam Certificate Expiry: May 2020
Hydraulic Certificate Expiry: 2023
Location: Bedfordshire 



Professional Advertising Service

Full Size fun that fits in the garage- One of only 5 on the rally scene, this Foden offers all the enjoyment and capability of a full-size engine but with the convenience of fitting in a standard car garage. 

With a true compound cylinder arrangement and high boiler working pressure,  the engine is economical on coal and water and very free steaming. In top gear she will comfortably reach 20mph but happily sit all day at 16 mph making it the perfect machine for the road. As per the full-size; the engine can be comfortably handled by the driver alone but bringing a friend along to act as the fireman makes it an even more enjoyable experience. To ease access and accommodate the taller driver the cab roof is raised slightly, however even if you would fit in a cab of “scale height” these extra few inches make it a considerably more comfortable less cramped place to be for drivers of all vertical measurements.  If your looking to transport the engine it goes around 4 tons.


Originally started for a customer in 2012, by the well-known and respected model builder Dave Evenson, the engine was sold on after the original customer pulled out before completion.

Bought by the current owners in 2014 the engine has been completed to a very high standard, finished using professional 2-pack paint and beautifully lined in black and cream. The owner has recently fitted a second water tank which requires final plumbing in but apart from this the engine wants for nothing. This could be easily removed if the new owner didn’t require it.

This Foden really is a top quality engine and ready to be thoroughly enjoyed by the new owner. Apart from plumbing in the water tank the only work you would need to do is adorn the cab sides and rear with your own sign writing if you so wished.


The owner is well known for high quality restorations of both steam and other vintage vehicles, they have just completed a rather splendid steam tractor and on the look-out for a new project. The Foden is up for sale as she is being used less and less and seems a shame to sit in the garage for most of the year.

As such they could be interested in swapping or part/exing the foden (either way) for other vintage vehicles, lorries, cars, steam etc. They would also consider taking a steam model in part-ex for those looking to move up to a larger scale. Delivery can also be arranged. 

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