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6" garrett threshing machine



Year Built: new
Steam Certificate Expiry: N/A
Hydraulic Expiry: N/A
Location: Suffolk



Well its the first one we have ever seen! Rarely modeled in any scale this half size threshing machine will be the perfect addition alongside your traction engine or as a standalone exhibit belted up to a stationary engine. Its an impressive piece of equipment standing 5 feet high and almost 10 feet long.

The work of accomplished model engineer, the quality of the work so far is to a very high standard. The wheels, axles and turntable are beautifully made and clearly the work of an experienced carpenter.  As the castings are not commercially available the builder has produced all the patterns themselves and these are also included in the sale. Many of the castings have been produced and machined already, all the pulleys look to have been machined with the keyways cut. The vast majority of castings required to complete are there but there is also a box of patterns i couldn't marry up to any cast parts however some of these could also be patterns for a Fowler traction engine which were also in the boxes that came with it, anything i was unsure about have gone in the threshing box pile.

The machine is based on the plans for the 3" version as serialised in Model Engineering Magazine in the 1980s, a copy of which is included along with a blown up copy of the plans on single pages (it looks like they are all there)

There is still plenty of work to be done however, at this stage it is a more viable project for a lot more people. Also it is at that exciting point of a project where anything you do is bolted on and it looks more complete with every new part.

Alternatively you could use it as trailer behind your engine which is what we would be tempted to do if we had the engine to go with it. Complete the outside so it looks the part but inside fit some seats, coal/tool store and a water tank. It will without doubt be the best looking trailer around and really look great being towed around the rallyfield or down the road.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. As always we are happy to consider a part exchange or swap on vintage cars, tractors or steam engines.

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