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6" Little Samson Steam Tractor



Year Built: 2018
Steam Certificate Expiry: 12/2020
Hydraulic Expiry: 2028
Location: Hadleigh, Suffolk




The 6” Little Samson is becoming a very popular engine, based on a small prototype, it offers owners the enjoyment of a large-scale engine but at a size and weight which allows transport by a standard van or large family car and trailer. 2 adults can comfortably sit on the engine without the slight embarrassment of popping wheelies!


On the road and rallyfield these engines are impressive performers; the top gear is quite high and allows for a comfortable 7-8mph on the road without pushing the engine hard.


This example is particularly nicely made, the builder being a lifelong steam and model engineering enthusiast. True to the original the front wheels have been set back under the boiler barrel, this was done by manufacturers to offer a tighter turning circle for use in the small yards these engines would often have been used in. It was completed last year and has seen very little use in that time, everything is virtually new but nicely run and settled in. The engine is up for sale as the owner has undertaken a new project.


The boiler is CE marked and came from AJB engineering and runs at 120psi, water feed is through a crank driven pump and steam injector. As with all the Little Samson engines we have driven, it is free steaming and an easy engine to fire and manage. The steam test has just run out so we have booked an independent inspector to visit us in the next few weeks, as such it will come with a fresh steam test which will cover it up to the end of 2020. Hydraulic was done on completion last year so runs up until 2028.


It comes complete with a set of firing tools and tube brush. There is a well-made seat arrangement for mounting on the tender, it is a single seat but could easily be modified to accommodate two people.


The matching trailer has been built to original Savage drawings and like the engine has been well built. With the large cast wheels and box section chassis it is quite heavy so for transport realistically it will have to travel on its wheels. Don’t expect to flip this one on its end to squeeze it into the van! The trailer is now included in the sale.


A full days training is included in the sale, these engines are suitable for both someone moving onto a larger scale or someone new to the hobby.


We are happy to consider all steam and other vintage vehicles as part exchange and finance can be arranged through our specialist broker.



Height:    5'

Length:    7'

Width:     3'

Weight:   950kg (estimated)

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