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6" burrell s.c.c devonshire



Year Built: 2013
Steam Certificate Expiry: 07/2021

Hydraulic Expiry: 2028
Location: Hadleigh, Suffolk




Another stunning engine where we can let the pictures do most of the talking, and yes it does run as good as it looks!


The 6" Burrell Devonshire makes for a very versatile and practical engine, good for both road and rally use it is large enough to comfortably have two people at the controls yet it can be transported between events without the need of a large 4x4. Their free steaming and poweful nature make them a great engine for the experienced steam enthusiasts looking to move up to a larger scale (or down from full size) or someone new to the hobby.

Professionally built between 2008 to 2013 this beautifully presented Burrell traction engine has seen very little use since completion having only attended around 3 rallies a year. Paintwork is to an exceptionally high standard having been undertaken by Adam Meredith in top quality Craftmaster paints, to a traditional scheme.

The steel boiler is CE marked and was built by Terry Stavem. Unlike most miniatures which have threaded plugs, this boiler has proper mudhole doors in the corners, not only does it look much better and same as the full size, it also allows better access for boiler washouts. ​All boiler fittings have been made to the original Burrell design with water feed through a crankshaft driven pump and steam injector. All boiler inspections have been undertaken by a well-known commercial independent inspector.

Included in the sale is a documented build schedule, full set of laminated drawings, builders operating instructions, globe spark arrestor, a set of firing tools and the well-set-up Ifor Williams transport trailer. This is an engine that has wanted for nothing and no expense has been spared in its build or in the subsequent years, a genuine reason forces sale. 


The engine will arrive with us shortly and is being sold from our premises in Suffolk, a full days tuition is included in the sale. We are happy to consider all steam and other vintage vehicles as part exchange and finance can be arranged through our specialist broker. Delivery and export can also be arranged for buyers further afield. 



Height:    5'3"

Length:    8'

Width:     3,4"

Weight:   1300kg (estimated)

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