Seller: Legacy Vehicles 

Year Built: UNKOWN
Location: Suffolk


A 4” Burrell Agricultural Traction Wagon from one of the quality kits produced by Steam Traction World. These are a very nice addition behind a 4” scale engine. 

They come fully sprung and with vulcanized tyres so your passengers get a comfy ride and it can happily be pulled along the road without shaking it self to bits. In fact one owner has used theirs for the London to Brighton run and an epic 120-mile journey for charity. More info here if you are interested https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/parkinsons-miniaturesteamrun

For transport and storage, the sideboards, headboard and tailboard easily come off.

From Steam Traction World a new kit is £2995.00 so this one offers a considerable saving on buying new and without the job of building it.

Length: 62"

Width: 30"

Heigt: 27"

Weight: 94kg

Dimensions have been taken from Steam Traction World website: http://www.steamtractionworld.com/4wagon.htm