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3" Burrell Crane Engine



Year Built: 2016

Steam Certificate Expiry: 12/2020

Hydraulic Expiry: 12/2023
Location: Hadleigh, Suffolk



A nice change from the standard 3" Plastows Burrell Traction engine, this well made example has been built with a fully working crane. I am surprised there are not more miniature engines built with cranes as it solves the issue of "popping a wheelie" and of course there is a lot of fun to be had lifting things. 

The engine comes complete with everything you need to rally including a well made riding trailer, 12 volt blower, firing irons, tube brush and extension chimney. We will also throw in a bag of coal, kindling and suitable oil. 

The boiler is copper and has 3 water feeds; injector, crank driven pump and a hand pump. Our independent boiler inspector has giving it a clean bill of health and issued new steam and hydraulic test certificates.

The engine was completed in 2016 and has seen very little use, mainly being used for private steam ups at home rather than extensive rallying as such it is very good condition and runs nicely. It also comes with the frame to make a roof, although not that practical it will look the part, especially with the crane.

As always we would be more than happy to spend the day with the new owner showing them how to run and look after the engine.

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