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3" Hay baler and water cart



Year Built: Unkown
Location: Hadleigh, Suffolk



An interesting and rare addition to your 3" traction engine this baler spins over freely and i have been told it does produce miniature bales quite effectively. It comes complete with everything you need including the drive belt, couple bags of hay and miniature forks for loading. The matching water cart is also included.

It weighs around 40kg so an easy lift for two people or it can be manhandled on your own if your back is up to it. 

The wheels are homemade, they do the job of moving it around to set up but i wouldn't suggest towing it around the rally field without a bit of work fitting new axles and wheels. Its the same  with the water cart. Really these have been made as a static working exhibit, giving your traction engine something to do when your not off pottering around the rally-field.

I think size wise it is closer to 2.5" scale, however it doesn't look out of place with the large 3" Traction Engine shown in the pictures.


Length: 42"

Width: 12"

Height: 19"

The water cart tank is 14"x 8.5"x 8" and overall it stands about 15" tall.

I am happy to put these on a pallet, it will be around £50.00 for UK delivery.

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