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6" Garrett Showmans Project

On behalf of the owner we are pleased to offer for sale this very well progressed 6” Garrett 4CD Showmans Steam Tractor. With the majority of the heavy work done and the bulk of the expense already spent the engine offers the exciting opportunity for someone to finish the engine to their specification.

The 6” 4CD has proved a very popular model in recent years with more coming to the rally field each year, just like the full size they come out a versatile and robust engine which performs well in all situations. Normally seen in tractor form we have only seen a small handful (4 from memory) of these finished in showmans guise. In new and finished condition we would expect one to sell for £55-60,000 which offers plenty of room to complete this project to a high standard.

With this engine the money has been spent in the right places, castings from A.N. Engineering, CE marked boiler from AJB, vulcanised rubber tyres and professionally made steam fittings and gauge glasses. The wooden canopy is also particularly well made and finished. The build was started several years ago by a professional engineer and eventually sent to A.N. Engineering for completion, unfortunately as completion neared the owners has come to the realisation with his health the engine will be too much of a challenge to run and enjoy and the decision made to sell as it is.

The Garrett is all but complete with the only major components required to finish being the gear guards and motion covers. Some parts will want re-working or re-making, this is no discredit to the builders simply as it nears finishing issues have been highlighted which would have gone unnoticed before trying to run the engine such as the notches in the reversing quadrant being in the wrong place. The reverser reach rod being a temporary set up assembled from several parts to get the correct shape before being made of solid bar. Also the injector is in a temporary location with the intention to put it in the final position once gear guards have been fitted. So nothing too challenging just a number of small jobs here and there. We have had the engine running on air for a short time however due to the jobs mentioned above it will want these sorting before running much more.

Overall this is a fantastic project to finish off and a highly desirable engine you can finish to your own specification, at this stage we expect the engine will want lots of the usual fettling rather than any major work so could be a great opportunity for someone who a complete build may feel a stretch to far.

Viewing is welcomed by any interested parties at our premises in Suffolk and we would be happy to consider all steam and vintage vehicles part exchange. Nationwide transport and export also available.

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