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4.5" Burrell 95% Complete

On behalf of the builders family we have for sale this rather well built 4.5” Plastows Burrell, a lifetimes work the project was started back in the late 70s and is now all but finished.

Sadly the builder passed away before final completion however the engine has signs of being steamed. Although a seemingly well-built boiler the paperwork relating to is has been lost as such anyone wishing to show the engine will most probably need to replace this to satisfy the boiler inspector. For someone wishing to only use the engine in the privacy of their own home this may not be an issue however they should satisfy themselves for the safety of the boiler before use.

Overall the build quality is to a high standard and with money being spent in the right places with nice fittings and vulcanised rubber tyres. Considering a new engine to this standard would normally sell for around £17-18k this leaves plenty of room for someone to fit a new boiler and have a really cracking engine.

For further details please do not hesitate to contact us, viewing is welcomed and part exchanges of all steam and vintage vehicles will be considered.

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