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4" Little Samson Rally Outfit

We are pleased to offer for sale this well thought out 4” Little Samson rally outfit, complete with driving trolley, firing accessories and transport trailer. For someone new to the hobby or looking for a ready to go set-up this could be the perfect solution.

We are big fans of the Little Samson Tractors, they make a powerful engine in a compact package and something a bit different to the more common makes. Being based on a 5 Ton Tractor they sit in between a 4” and 3” traction engine for size. In top gear they have surprisingly long legs and get on well on the road.

The engine itself is particularly well made and finished to a high standard, over the 2019/2020 winter the engine had a mechanical overhaul which included new piston rings and boiler tubes. The owner intended to rally it again themselves but after a year without events has now decided to retire from large scale road steam.

The CE marked boiler was built by Bell Boilers and is fed by a crankshaft driven pump, steam injector and manual hand pump. An independent boiler inspector will be coming to test the engine in the coming weeks and will be conducting both a hydraulic and steam test.

Like the engine the driving trolley is a well made and thought out unit with storage for coal and water under the seat area. There is a hose with quick release connection onto the engine for transferring water.

The road trailer makes the job of safely transporting everything a doddle. A 12volt winch and tie down points have been fitted so loading and securing the engine is a quick and simple process. All loaded up we estimate the trailer to be around 600kg so can be handled by all but the smallest cars. The engine and driving trolley can be sold without the trailer if not required by the new owner.

Overall, this is a well-made, well thought out and easy to use set up for rallying a model traction engine. By making things simple it makes the whole experience more enjoyable. A full set of firing irons and a day’s tuition is also included so you could literally hook the trailer up and go straight to a steam rally (when there is one!)

We are happy to consider all steam and vintage vehicles part exchange. UK delivery and export also available if required.

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