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4" Durham & North Yorkshire

We are pleased to offer for sale this delightful 4” Durham and North Yorkshire traction engine, a design more commonly seen in 2” this larger scale comes out a practical engine for rally field use. Based on a 1890s design it is slightly different to the more common 4” Traction engines with some interesting features and different proportions common to the period.

Like many others we wrongly assumed the Durham was considerably smaller than the equivalent Burrell of Foster, running a tape measure over the engine we discovered the boiler and motion are very similar but it has slightly smaller diameter wheels and shorter tender. We have included a picture of the Durham next to a 4” Burrell for comparison. Performance wise the engine is comparable to the Burrell in terms of both power, usability and turn of speed.

The engine itself is a very nicely made example, in fact it stands out as one of the nicer engines overall we have had in. The paintwork has also been done to a high standard and mellowed nicely, it looks and runs much younger than its years. Paperwork states the boiler to be built in 1992 but we expect the engine to be considerably younger or been on display for many years after completion.

The steel boiler is in good condition and will come with a fresh steam test from an independent inspector, water feed is through a reliable steam injector and crankshaft driven pump. The engine is particularly forgiving with a large deep firebox and plenty of water space above the firebox crown.

The engine comes ready to rally with coal, oil, firing irons and a days tuition included. It should be available around the end of August once the inspector has been in. As always we are happy to help with part exchanges and nationwide delivery or export is also available. For further information or to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to contact us.

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