Introducing the new Legacy Vehicles website!

If you have paid our website a visit recently you might have noticed quite a few changes. We have been busy working hard to create for you a fantastic new website. We have made a few tweaks to how things look but also what's on offer. Hopefully you can now navigate the website quickly and easily and find exactly what you are looking for.

Aside from a new look, we have added a few more features to the website. In addition to our sales for Road Steam and Miniature Steam, we are pleased to now offer sections for tractors, cars, commercials, machinery, parts, spares and even merchandise!

Within these sections you will also find some stunning new vehicles to the market.

We have now also streamlined our services to make it easier for you to see how you can sell your own vehicle. Everything is there in black and white, making it easy for you to decide how you might sell your next vehicle with us.

We hope you enjoy browsing the new site!