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A truly special and beautifully made engine, we fell in love with this unique 5” Fowler R3 Showmans Road Locomotive when we bought it over from the Netherlands earlier this year. After a summer of steaming the owner has decided that a Road Locomotive or Steam Tractor is more suited to their requirements as such something like a 6” Garrett 4CD, 4” McLaren or similar would be of real interest for part exchange.

Description and pictures are taken from when it was last with us, we will update everything when its back with us in a couple of weeks.

A scaled up and perfected version of the 4" Plastow design it was built using castings from the builders own patterns. 5" is a rare scale, and this is the only road loco we know of. Being based on a large prototype the engine is similar size to a 6" Garret 4CD tractor. It offers virtually all the benefits of a half size 3-Speed road loco but without the difficulties of transport as we estimate the weight to only be around 1300kg. On the road it flies along with minimal fuss, 12-14mph is a comfortable cruising speed without pushing it too hard.

The driving seat sits low down so you drive the engine looking under the canopy. Personally, I prefer it to poking your head out of a hole as you get an almost full-size experience seeing the motion spinning along with the added benefit of not getting covered in soot from the chimney. To ease driving the regulator rod has an extension which easily comes to hand.

The engine is a true credit to both the builder and previous owner who has kept it in such great condition. Completed in 1992 the engine was driven around the builders house once and then kept as a static display for 20 years. It passed to the previous owner who as a professional engineer has been meticulous about maintenance, it runs beautifully with the only noticeable noise being the reversing lever latch clicking quietly in the quadrant. The level of detail is second to none; all studs are the same length, there are no long-tailed bolts and where possible all the bolt heads have been lined up.

The boiler was made by the builder and comes with a folder full of paperwork including the approved boiler drawing, material certificates and welding approval information. Water feed is through a crankshaft driven pump and steam injector. The boiler has been inspected and tested by our independent examiner which has included a hydraulic test with the boiler tins etc removed to allow full access.

The lamps and all accessories seen on the engine are included in the sale as well as a set of firing irons. As with all our sales a full day’s tuition is included.

For more information please do not hesitate to get in touch, all full size and miniature steam engine part exchanges considered.

This one is something rather special and I am sure any one who comes to see it will not be disappointed.


Important Note: We recommend when purchasing any steam vehicle to employ the services of your own boiler inspector for independent advice and not solely rely on previous test reports.