2" Burrell Showmans



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Suffolk, UK


Hydraulic Exp:

Steam Test Exp:


July 2021

Year Built:


We are pleased to offer for sale this very well built 2" Burrell Showmans based on the Thetford Town designs. Often areas of these engines are somewhat simplified for ease of build but this is not the case with this example, clearly the work of an experienced engineer the fit and finish of the motion work is to a high standard. Little details such as the lock-nuts and split pins on the eccentrics just show the level of time and effort that has gone into the build of this engine.

From letters included in the file it is understood the Burrell won at least 2 awards at model engineering shows, the first shortly after completion in 1971 at the Stafford Exhibition and the second at the Midland Federation Exhibition in 1981, where it received the Jack Brown Trophy for best engine in show.

As is often the case, the engine has spent most of its life as a display piece and done very little work. The paintwork is generally in good condition, for the perfectionist a couple of touch ups may be required but a colour-matched tin of paint is provided from Craftmaster.

The engine is fitted with a well made copper boiler and water fed by crankshaft driven water pump and steam injector. Our independent boiler inspector has giving the engine a clean bill of health with fresh hydraulic and steam test. The engine has also been re-timed so now runs very nicely and goes well.

Originally offered as a display piece we have decided to recommission the engine and re-market it as a ready to rally outfit. Now sold with a full set of firing irons, 12-volt blower and riding trolley. Please note the price is slightly higher than previously advertised but offers the new owner much better value for money and piece of mind of the engine’s boiler and overall condition.

Customers can choose from either free UK delivery or to collect the engine and receive a free half days tuition from us.

Export can also be arranged, and we would be happy to consider a part exchange.


Important Note: We recommend when purchasing any steam vehicle to employ the services of your own boiler inspector for independent advice and not solely rely on previous test reports.