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Experience days & Training

Here at Legacy one of our favourite parts of the job is introducing new people to the fantastic world of road steam and miniature steam engines so we are pleased to now offer experience and tuition days. With all our days we aim to keep them interesting, informative and most of all enjoyable.


We are located in the heart of the Suffolk countryside near the beautiful town of Lavenham, full of pubs, tearooms, hotels and the famous Harry Potter House so you could make a full day or weekend of your visit to us.


Most Experiences will be conducted using a 4” Scale Traction Engine however depending on stock at the time could be arrange to use a 3” or 6” engine if available.


















Driving Experience - £200

We know although many people may not want to own a miniature steam engine, they would love the opportunity to get their hands on the controls and experience driving one. This enjoyable experience will last a couple of hours and on arrival you will find the engine simmering away raising steam. After a quick safety briefing and familiarisation with the controls we will get you driving around our yard area. We will then progress to the farm roadways and you will get the opportunity to drive up the Big Hill which is bound to put a smile on your face and soot in your hair!

For no extra charge the driving experience can be shared by two people and friends and family are welcome to watch and ride on the trailer behind the engine where possible.


Training Experience - £300

This is a dedicated half day for those looking to own a miniature steam engine in the future and understand all that is involved, it is in effect the training we offer to new owners of engines purchased from us. On arrival the engine will be prepared ready for you to “light-up” and once done so we will go through many of the details of steam engine ownership from safe transport to wintering an engine. The day will then progress in a similar fashion to the driving experience however once completed we will then explain the process of shutting the engine down for the day.

For no extra charge the driving experience can be shared by two people and friends and family are welcome to watch and ride on the trailer behind the engine where possible.

Tinkering and Training £500

A unique offering where we combine our workshop facilities and training to help you get the best out of your own engine. Owners bring their engines to us and the morning is spent in the workshop giving them a check over and where possible we will undertake any minor works required, setting timing is often a favourite! Owners are welcome to stay with us while this work is undertaken or go and enjoy one of the local towns or villages, the afternoon is then spent firing up the engine and following our Training Experience Itinerary.


This experience is ideal for someone who has recently purchased or built an engine but may need that little bit of extra help and knowledge to get the best out it, whether that be the set-up of the engine itself or tips to improve their driving skills.

We are pretty flexible with all our arrangements so there is no need for this all to be done on one day, customers would be welcome to drop the engine off with us one afternoon and have the training the following.



Please note for customers expecting a flashy showroom and celebrious facilities they may be somewhat disappointed, however we do make a lovely cup of tea and do our upmost to make everyone feel welcome and have an enjoyable day.

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