Year Built: 2015
Location: Hadleigh, Suffolk



Brian James Race Transporter 4 Trailer in exceedingly good condition. Fixed bed type with loading ramp rear door.

Purchased from new by the current owner, this trailer has seen very little use only being used to transport a steam car (sold here) to a handful of events each year. I would go as far to say it is completely fault free, without a ding or bit of damage anywhere to be seen.

The trailer has been fitted with an all wheel drive electric motor mover, great for getting it into tight spaces and hitching up to the car.  Also fitted is a 12 volt winch connected to its own battery. 

At events the trailer doubled up as accommodation, as such it has a number of creature comforts including 12 volt dim-able LED lighting, mains hook up with strip lighting and heaters. The side door has also been modified to be able to lock it from the inside.

Included in the sale is a custom heavy-duty cover, two wheel locks, matching key padlocks for the rear door and a set of leveling chocks.

Gross Weight: 2600kg

Max Load: 1580kg

Load bed length: 5.00m

Load bed width: 1.98m

Overall Length: 6.53m


To buy a new trailer today would cost over £10,000 +VAT which would not include all the accessories.

If you are looking to upgrade your trailer, please speak to us we may be able to take it in part exchange.