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American style steAM CAR



Seller: Legacy Vehicles Brokering

Year Built: 1995
Steam Certificate Expiry: Aug 2020
Hydraulic Expiry: 2025
Location: Suffolk




Completed in 1995, this unique steam car was inspired by the North American manufacturers from the turn of 20th century. 


A very fun car to own, with the vis-a-vis seating enabling the children to come along and enjoy the experience. The 15hp twin high pressure engine gives plenty of power and a good turn of speed, she will steam around all day at 15-20mph loaded with 2 adults and 2 children. The owner has done a "speed run" with it and achieved 42mph, however did say it wasn't an experience they would be in hurry to do again!


Driving is very enjoyable and surprisingly simple. Turn on the burners and within 30mins the boiler is up to pressure, jump on and away you go. The boiler is automatically fired and the water pump set up well and requires minimal adjustment when on the move. The car has a dog clutch fitted to engage drive to the rear axle allowing you to run the engine when stationary. It is also fitted with modern disc brakes. On the road it averages 8-10mpg of fuel and 1mpg of water.


The engine itself is a lovely bit of engineering, all crank pins and bearings are on roller bearings as such the only lubrication required is the steam lubricator.  The boiler is a superheated unit with 400psi working pressure and automatically fired by a 24volt kerosene burner. Water feed is through a crank driven pump and manual hand pump.


Mechanically the car is very well sorted however she would benefit from a repaint in the near future.

It is road registered and carries a Q number plate. These are in the hamper and simply hooked on when required. 


A Brian James race transporter 4 trailer for transport is also available subject to separate negotiation.

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