Wallis & Steevens Expansion T.E



Private Sale

Leicestershire, UK


Hydraulic Exp:

Steam Test Exp:


July 2020

Year Built:


We are very pleased to offer for sale one of the engines that started it all, Wallis and Steevens 7683, Eileen the Erring. Little introduction is needed of this famous Traction engine which took part in the Appleford races, regarded by many as the birthplace of the steam preservation movement.

Eileen has recently passed its 10 year hydraulic and annual steam test for which a new set of tubes and boiler lagging were fitted. In current ownership the engine has been bought up to very good working standard with recent works to the motion also being undertaken. On the road and the belt she is a strong performer, the patented Wallis Expansion valve gear has all been set up properly and works as the manufacturer intended.

The engine is supplied with a set of quad-tracs that are ready to be fitted to the rear wheels for added comfort on the road, also included is a full set of firing irons and sheets.

As many people will know this genuine, honest traction engine comes from a well-respected home. The somewhat unexpected sale is for genuine reasons and it is important the engine goes to a good home. Viewing by genuinely interested parties is welcomed and we ask all initial enquiries are through us.


Important Note: We recommend when purchasing any steam vehicle to employ the services of your own boiler inspector for independent advice and not solely rely on previous test reports.